Kids Shoes 2019: Modern Ideas, Images and Videos of Footwear for Children

Modern fashion for children has an independent existence from the whole fashion industry.

Moreover, many designers try their best to make sure they have at least a couple collections of baby clothes as well as teenager clothes. Kids shoes 2019 is among those desirable collections.

Due to their determination, the era for dressing boys in blue and girls in pink is long gone.


The main trend for 2019 fashion season is making sure the boys shoes 2019, as well as girls shoes 2019 are almost exact copies of adult footwear. Children love to see the bigger versions of their shoes on their parents. Timbeland, for instance, has the tiny sizes of many models of their shoes for one-year-old children.

Of course, the materials used for kids shoes 2019 are not the same as for the adults. Softer materials dominate the production of kids shoes 2019. As for the colors, you wouldn’t expect noble colors being used for children shoes 2019.

However, they give a touch of stylishness to the children’s look. Dark red in combination with warm winter materials looks spectacular.

Kids shoes 2019: Video Ideas

Outfits in combination with such children shoes 2019 are universal for going to theaters and restaurants with parents.

For younger children, make sure that the colors and patterns you choose are of softer shades and tones, like cream, light pink and pistachio.

Fashionable shoes for girls 2019

kids shoes 2019-girls-shoes-2019

Modern moms who dress stylish try to educate their little girls on fashion from an early age.

Naturally, they choose girls shoes 2019 according to their own taste. However, the choices always land on something that designers offer from their collections. Thankfully, those designers have created a variety of girls shoes 2019 styles.

We will consider several styles of girls shoes 2019 together.

Printed galoshes


Rainy weather is something to be aware of when it comes to your kids shoes 2019.

Galoshes are made of rubber, hence their ability keeping the feet warm and dry. These models are versatile. They look great with dresses, as well as jeans. The colors and patterns are infinite.

Kiltie boots


These models have a touch of cowboy style to them. Kiltie shoes for girls 2019 have gained immense popularity.

They resemble military and biker boots. However, Kiltie boots lie in the classical side of the style spectrum.

Penny loafers


Parent often struggle to find the appropriate pairs of shoes for their children for more formal events.

Loafers are the ultimate options for such events. They have smooth and shiny surfaces, which give seriousness to the style.

Ankle boots


Side zip ankle boots are widely used among adult women as well. They attract with their versatility and practicality. Very easy to throw those on for a quick run to a store, for example. At the same time, ankle boots look very stylish and flirty.

They give a girlish spark to the whole look.

X-strap girl sneakers 2019


The idea behind the x-strap kids sneakers 2019 is to simplify the shoe lace tying process for kids.

The X shaped design of the elastic part of these girl sneakers 2019 serves the sole purpose of adding stylishness to the model.

Kiltie girl sneakers 2019


The above-mentioned kiltie boots are the similar models of kiltie kids sneakers 2019.

The all in all style resembles short boots rather than sneakers. However, the name originated because of the neck length of this model.

Chelsea boots in children shoes 2019


Remember the galoshes? These are the shorter models of those shoes. The idea is again to keep the feet dry and warm during rainy weather. However, Chelsea boots are mode light and are not designed for heavy pouring rain.

Stylish boys shoes 2019

Boys are less likely to take care of their shoes and treat them carefully.

Therefore, fashion designers have come up with durable models, made of the most high quality materials. Boys shoes 2019 trends have a big variety of styles and models. We will go through a couple of them together. Let’s begin!

Oxford kids shoes 2019


These famous English shoes are very wide spread among adults.

Almost every man has a pair of Oxfords in their wardrobe. Due to the fact that parents love this model so much, the designers wanted to give them the chance to dress their kids in oxford boys shoes 2019 as well.

The practicality and comfort that these shoes provide is beyond explainable.

Velcro boys shoes 2019


Boys sneakers 2019 have a competition going on in the face of Velcro shoes. This style is among the most comfortable ones. Young boys prefer Velcro, since it is very easy and fast to put on.

However, sometimes it can be quite frustrating when the fastening mechanism gets a bit older and often loosens the shoes.

Long sole boots in children shoes 2019 styles


Sole boots are mostly used in combination with classical outfits.

They look decent and show off both the boys’ and their parents’ sense of good taste.

Wing tip boots in booys shoes 2019


These are the alternative cowboy boots among kids shoes 2019. Wing tip boots look stunning with both classical pants and cowboy style jeans. The primary color of this style is light brown.

Tips on choosing kids shoes 2019

Comfort is the primary condition. Children at a young age are in the process of forming their musculoskeletal systems.

Therefore, the wrong size kids shoes 2019 that might be too tight or loose will definitely result deformations.

Children shoes 2019 should be light. Not just the children’s shoes. For adult as well. In is crucial for the feet to be able to  hold the weight of your body without any additional and constant weight.

Kinds sneakers 2019 should be made of eco materials. It is not just for the environment. This condition is for the children’s feet to be able to breath in the kids sneakers 2019.

Sole should be as flexible and elastic as possible. Otherwise, this may cause flat feet. It is very dangerous and young children are especially prone to getting flat feet.


In conclusion, kids shoes 2019 are very diverse and the styles are for everyone. Make sure you consider whatever you child desires and try to put them on the right direction.























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